Αναρτήθηκε από: Petros Haritatos | 05/08/2010

Βασιλείς και κοσμικογράφοι

Με αφορμή τον πριγκηπικό γάμο στις Σπέτσες και τη δημοσιότητα που προκαλεί, μια αναζήτηση στο ίντερνετ δείχνει πως η οικογένεια και ο κύκλος του πρώην Βασιλέως Κωνσταντίνου (*) δεν αποφεύγουν τη δημοσιότητα – το αντίθετο συμβαίνει. Υπάρχει πρώτα «ο δικτυακός κόμβος της Ελληνικής Βασιλικής Οικογενείας» στο http://www.greekroyalfamily.org με τις επίσημες ανακοινώσεις. Και κυρίως υπάρχουν οι έμπιστοι κοσμικογράφοι που προσκαλούνται για να προβάλουν την εικόνα της οικογένειας προς τα έξω. Σταχυολογούμε:

Ο κοσμικογράφος Τάκης Θεοδωρακόπουλος (Takis στο περιοδικό Spectator, 7.9.2006) προσκλήθηκε στο Πόρτο Χέλι για τα εξηκοστά γενέθλια της πρώην Βασίλισσας Άννα-Μαρίας. Γράφει: “Porto Heli – And speaking of royalty, last week I was among more queens than if I had attended the Gay Pride parade in the Bagel. There was the Queen of Greece, Anna Maria, whose 60th birthday it was, the Queen of Denmark and the Queen of Spain, and many other royals. Without making a fetish of it, King Constantine’s party for his wife captured the elegance of yesteryear. There were speeches by the children which were extremely touching, and I must say the Queen of Greece has been the template of queens. She has never uttered a word about anything political, has never judged any of the Greeks who have treated her and her husband so cruelly, and has always told her children to love Greece and the Greeks. Plus, and it’s an important plus, she was the most beautiful queen in Europe. It was moving because I saw so many of my old friends who live in Greece and whom I never have a chance to see. The royal bash and Dino Goulandris’s wonderful party the next night were the highlights of a hell of a week for good old Hellas.”

Ο κοσμικογράφος Bob Colaccello (περιοδικό Vanity Fair, Φεβρουάριος 2008) προσκλήθηκε απο τον διάδοχο Παύλο στο Πόρτο Χέλι και γράφει: “(…) I spent a week last August with Pavlos and Marie-Chantal in Porto Heli, the Southampton of Greece, where they had rented a villa next door to the one rented by his parents. One afternoon, sitting with Pavlos on their terrace facing the Aegean, I asked him how it felt to be back in the country of his birth. “We’re really happy to be here, enjoying our holiday —even renting,” he said.

(…)  According to Christos Zampounis, the editor of the upscale Greek magazine Life & Style, the royal family has been received with “respect and affection” since they started making regular visits six years ago, “even by people who are not royalists, which is the majority. But they are not interfering in public life. They’re not aggressive. Don’t forget, for the Greek media the royal family was taboo for decades. We were the first to break with this. We put Pavlos and Marie-Chantal on our second cover, seven years ago. Since then we’ve had them on the cover once or twice a year, and it is always a best-seller.” He adds that “thousands” turned out for the opening of the Marie-Chantal shop in Athens two years ago.

On my next-to-last day in Porto Heli, Pavlos’s parents invited me to join the family for lunch on the kaiki —as the traditional Greek fishing boat is called— that the king had given the queen for her 60th birthday, last year. While Constantine entertained us with an anecdote about how he had persuaded Fidel Castro to allow the construction of a new Greek Orthodox church in Havana —“the first Christian church to be built in Cuba in nearly 50 years”— Princess Alexia’s children’s nanny passed around plastic containers of an assortment of salads that we ate off proper china. Later we sailed to a deserted cove, where Pavlos made a flawless swan dive into the turquoise sea, followed by his four children in their Marie-Chantal bathing suits.”

(*) ΣΗΜΕΙΩΣΗ. Σύμφωνα με το http://www.greekroyalfamily.org «η ακριβής προσφώνηση είναι: βασιλεύς Κωνσταντίνος, πρώην βασιλεύς των Ελλήνων και ούτω καθεξής για τα υπόλοιπα μέλη της οικογένειας. Αυτό προκύπτει από τη Συνθήκη της Βιέννης του 1815, όπου επισημαίνεται ότι ο τίτλος διατηρείται ισόβια, ακόμα και όταν παύεται το αξίωμα. Όπως απεφάνθη το Συμβούλιο της Επικρατείας, (αριθμός 4575/1996) ο τίτλος δεν είναι ευγενείας, αλλά λειτουργεί ως προσδιορισμός του προσώπου.»